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Announcing the Latest Version of DCW: Database Conversion Workbench 5.0

By Jordan Hodges posted Fri August 07, 2020 01:24 AM


We are excited to announce the new release of Database Conversion Workbench (DCW) v5.0!!!

This is another milestone in expanding our competitive takeout strategy by revamping the look/feel & flow from the old eclipse based tooling. 

DCW 5.0 highlights 

  • New UI, look/feel & flow for evaluating and converting Oracle & Teradata schemas to Db2 on-prem and cloud databases 
  • Quick editing/debugging capabilities to fix any incompatibilities 
  • Quick analysis and high level summary to create plan estimation 
  • Detailed report on incompatibilities to fix migration issues resulting in great time & effort saving and easy analysis and project planning using CSV or Excel formats 
  • Split DDL for better management of SQL script size for evaluation and conversion 
  • Connection to on prem or cloud Db2 database for converted script deployment 
  • Converted SQL and Shell files for quick deployment on Db2  
  • Overall report creation from multiple SQL files 
  • Single integrated environment to import files, edit and convert these and test/deploy on Db2 
  • DCW Lite as command line version 
  • Extraction and Visualization script available to help in extraction of source schema and cleanup before evaluation and conversion to Db2 


      Watch Quick DCW overview video here. 

      DCW Resources 

      DCW 5.0 Download  

      DCW Tutorials and DCW Tutorial Videos 

      Please reach out to the DCW team for any feedback on the slack channel #data-conversion-wb