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IBM Cognos Analytics and SingleStore -> Seamless integration that goes beyond BI

By Ioana Topciu posted Fri March 17, 2023 04:47 AM


Every day, organizations collect tons of data from a variety of sources for analytics purposes. The data collected is stored in a wide range of data formats and seldom used. The challenging task is consolidating all of the dissimilar data stored in different formats that is needed for regular and critical business analysis.  

The SingleStore is a real-time distributed database that has been purposefully built for data intensive applications.  SingleStore helps organizations ingest data continuously to perform operational analytics. The SingleStore Database is seamlessly integrated with Cognos Analytics, an IBM Watson®-powered BI solution, that brings an accurate, trusted, and complete picture of your business by creating stunning data visualizations, forecasts, and predictions with explanations and detailed insight.

Why SingleStoreDB?

SingleStoreDB is designed for transactional and analytical workloads that demand performance, consistency, and durability. It can perform as a transactional system and data warehouse in a single, integrated architecture for accelerating legacy data architecture or enabling new data-intensive applications.

Key features of SingleStoreDB: 

  • Pipelines - Real-Time Ingest: As part of the core engine, Pipelines provide the ability to ingest millions of records per second with linear scale!  No more bottlenecks. 
  • Universal Storage:.  The best storage engine on the planet to store data in the most efficient manner and enable an intelligent, distributed SQL engine to process your queries IMMEDIATELY upon ingest.  No more caching.  No more waiting for an object store to acknowledge the write before you can use the data. 
  • Unlimited Storage: Data volumes are growing which presents many challenges.  How can you leverage a single copy of the data to satisfy more than one application.  How can you reduce the duplication and movement of your data.  It is only getting more expensive over time.  Like others, integrating and object store allows data volumes to grow at a very reasonable cost.  SingleStore can still provide near real-time access to the data because of Universal Storage architecture. 
  •  Workspaces: Workspaces provide the workload isolation with a single databases to meet your real-time requirements and do so without the limitations of multiple vendors and without multiple copies of the data.

Why Cognos Analytics?

Cognos Analytics offers a trusted, scalable an customizable environment to distribute data insights with confidence. 

Key functions and benefits of Cognos Analytics with Watson:

  •  Allows authors to create highly customizable content for distribution, at scale.
  •  Is built on strong and flexible governance to ensure data is secure and insights are properly accessed by the right audience.
  • Features many extensible JavaScript and REST APIs which provides further customization of the entire user experience. From creating dashboards using intuitive drag-and-drop gestures, to pixel-perfect, highly-customizable reports which can be shared to any number of users, in multiple formats, filters and languages, to asset management controls, to the latest and greatest data sources sought out by leading data-driven organizations, Cognos Analytics with Watson integrates into any enterprise and scales along their data journey.
  • Cognos Analytics’ AI Assistant doesn’t just help users to understand their data, it also makes it much easier to use the solution. Additionally, the built-in learn pane uses Watson NLP technology, to provide contextual help to users along their analytics journey. This dramatically lowers the barrier to user adoption as users get relevant answers to both business questions and how-to questions without leaving the interface.

Why IBM Cognos Analytics & SingleStore?

SingleStore architecture empowers IBM Cognos Analytics so you get access to faster and more precise analytics. This seamless integration goes beyond BI to facilitate greater collaboration between multiple personas in end-to-end projects.

Use SingleStore with Cognos to visualize streaming data or as in memory datastore to accelerate dashboard to meeting the most demanding business requirements. We invite you to check out our demo.

If you have questions or would like to discuss about collaborating with us, please reach out to:

Peter Casler, Product Manager for Strategic Partnerships,  or

Darren Kraft, Principal Strategic Partnership Manager, 


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