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Scaling AI and trusted data with watsonx and MongoDB: key insights from MongoDB.local

By Ioana Piscanu posted Thu April 18, 2024 11:16 AM


Are you a developer, entrepreneur, or industry expert looking to stay ahead in AI and NoSQL technologies? If so, mark your calendar for the upcoming MongoDB.local event in New York City, taking place on May 2, 2024

As a Gold Sponsor, IBM is thrilled to host two live sessions where you can learn how these cutting-edge technologies can help you scale the impact of generative AI with trusted data and governance.

What is MongoDB.local NYC? 

This exclusive 1-day event brings together MongoDB experts, leaders, customers, community, and partners to explore the latest trends and innovations in databases and AI technologies. At MongoDB.local NYC, you will meet our IBM experts and discover watsonx, a next generation enterprise platform.

Discover watsonx

watsonx is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) platform developed by IBM, designed to help businesses to scale and accelerate the impact of AI with trusted data. It provides three key components: 

• watsonx.ai – a studio that customers can use to train, validate, and tune and deploy machine learning (ML) AI models and foundation models (FM) for generative AI

• watsonx.data – a fit-for-purpose data store based on an open lake house architecture that helps enterprises to scale AI workloads for all your data, anywhere

• watsonx.governance – an end-to-end AI governance solution for responsible, transparent, and explainable AI workflows

Discover MongoDB 

MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database known for its flexible schema design, high performance, and scalability. It is designed to handle large volumes of data and is particularly well-suited for applications requiring high levels of flexibility, agility and scalability. MongoDB uses a document-based data model, allowing for easy integration with various programming languages and platforms.

Discover watsonx and MongoDB

watsonx and MongoDB combine forces to generate powerful AI-driven applications capable of handling large volume of data and complex data processing tasks. With watsonx’s pre-built models and APIs seamlessly integrating with MongoDB’s flexible schema design and high performance, developers can build scalable and flexible AI applications. 

What to expect from the event? 

The MongoDB.local event provides a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders, network with professionals, and gain insights into the latest trends and innovations in generative AI technologies with IBM and MongoDB. 

Learn directly from our IBM experts by joining the two live sessions and discover how watsonx and MongoDB work together to scale Gen AI applications with trusted data for future enterprise success. 

In the breakout sessions hosted by Elena Lowery, IBM Data and AI Architect, you can explore the potential of watsonx and MongoDB. Transform your AI experiments into tangible business value with watsonx, an AI and data platform designed for generative AI and machine learning. Leverage the power of responsible AI, built on a foundation of trusted data, to streamline workflows, enhance decision-making, and ensure compliance across your organization. 

Ready for more?! Join the lightning session, where our IBM Senior Data & AI Technical Specialist, Catherine Cao, will walk you through a demo on training, validating, tuning and deploying generative AI and foundation models using your trusted data, while applying governance and guardrails to ensure responsible AI practices. Learn from real-world examples of IBM's client successes and gain insights into best practices for evaluating and monitoring model health, accuracy, drift, bias, and quality. 

Ready to learn more? 

Learn more about the MongoDB.local event in NYC here

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