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Announcing IBM Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension 1.2!

By Eric Radzinski posted Tue June 22, 2021 01:02 PM


By Kendrick Ren and Eric Radzinski

With IBM Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension 1.2, released on June 22 and available now on the Microsoft Visual Studio Code Marketplace, your SQL application development experience takes a big step forward. This latest release offers the following significant new features and upgrades to make it easier to develop SQL applications: 

SQL formatting: You can now easily group and indent related blocks SQL into a visually coherent and easier-to-parse structure. Through the use of the Format Document and Format Selection actions, you can apply SQL formatting with just a couple of clicks.

Support for setting conditional breakpoints in native stored procedures: This feature is especially useful for debugging stored procedures that include loops. You can now specify a hit count for loops so that the debugger will continue to run through the loop for the specified number of times before pausing.

Enhanced support for running SQL statements:
  • Now when you run multiple SQL statements simultaneously, the results are displayed on the new Execution summary page, which shows the number of statements that ran, their status, and the total elapsed time spent in execution.
  • The query history is now sortable, and SQL statements that failed or generated a warning are now sortable and easily searchable. You can quickly cycle through each failed statement by using the Next failure feature.
  • You can select individual SQL elements on consecutive lines or on lines that are scattered throughout a file, and run just the elements you selected. This feature is useful when you're working in a non-SQL file, for example a Python, COBOL, or Java file.
  • You can run SQL from within a native stored procedure body that contains SQL parameters and SQL variables.
  • You can define a limit for the number of rows that are returned by SELECT statements and CALL statements, which is useful when you're working with queries that return a huge number of rows.
Enhanced input parameter support:
  • The input values that you specify are now retained from one execution to the next.
  • Null values are now supported.
  • Syntax validation has been added for XML host variable parameters.
Multiple port number support: To make it easier to open and work in multiple VS Code instances without having to manually change the port settings for each instance, you can now specify multiple individual port numbers either by separating them with commas or by specifying a range of port numbers. 

Existing Db2 Developer Extension users and application developers who haven't yet tried out the extension will appreciate the impact that these new capabilities will have on their SQL application development experience.  You can find instructions for using all of Db2 Developer Extension's features in our documentation repository.

We're hoping that you'll download the latest release today and try out these new features for yourself. (For a quick overview of the features that were added in previous releases, read our previous announcement blogs.) And after you've played around with the new features, let us know what you think by opening an issue by opening an issue in our GitHub repository or by submitting a review comment in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

Kendrick Ren is the IBM Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension Technical Lead, and Eric Radzinski is an Information Developer for Db2 for z/OS.