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IBM Db2 for z/OS Master Class - Upcoming in September

By Dorothy Lin posted Fri July 07, 2023 04:15 PM


Enroll before it’s too late! Secure your seat and send in your application to attend the Db2 for z/OS Master Class at IBM Silicon Valley Development Lab in San Jose, California.

Db2 for z/OS Development is offering a week-long intensive class, September 18 – 22, 2023, for experienced Db2 for z/OS System Engineers and Database Administrators. This class discusses the most common issues related to continuous availability, resiliency, speed of recovery in Db2 for z/OS environments and will share proven best practices to exploit the full power of Db2 for z/OS and IBM z mainframes.

This small intimate learning experience is a great opportunity to not only hone your technical knowledge and understanding of Db2 for z/OS, but it is also the perfect environment to partner with Db2 for z/OS SWAT team members for personal mentoring and networking with other clients to build lasting relationships who understand the power of Db2 for z/OS.

Over 175 students from 80 of our key customers have already been through this education. With consistent stellar ratings, check out what some students have said about the course:

“I learned many new things about Db2 externals and the client experiences (war stories) were great. This was my best Db2 class ever.”

“It is a very good Db2 training course. Perhaps the best I have ever taken part in.”

“..I would recommend the course to other people for many reasons:  the content of the topics, the focus on practical situations, the presentation of problems, cases and experiences faced by many customers which were very rich, and the great skill of the speakers.”

“The class was excellent and provided me with lots of new knowledge. I've already used a couple pieces of knowledge I learned from the class to resolve outstanding issues. The timing of the class was perfect for me as I'm just moving into [a] new…role and the information from this class will help me in reviewing and potentially improving our environment.”

“I have been a DBA for about 20 years- some of the information was absolutely amazing and an absolute eye opener. It was a wonderful experience (although intense :)) and I have learnt so much and I have a massive list of ideas.....”

“Always great to get the recommendation from the experts on the some of the DB2 settings and some of their actual experiences.  The internal discussions with the various participants adds to the value of this class. Always good to get pointed out to keep up ( and its importance)  with the maintenance :) Its great to hear from other clients and their opportunities (opportunities that are different from our environment or we have not encountered .. yet :) )”

“The depth of knowledge of the presenters and the willingness of the presenters to discuss anything and everything and the ample opportunity they provided discuss and answer any questions we might have.”

“Overall, for me I believe I can apply the learnings from the class in the field of Coupling Facility, DDF and Performance topics to our systems.  There is a direct benefit for me in attending this class.”

“All speakers are very professional, with plenty of technical insight and very good example from real world, it will certainly help my daily work. I will recommend this class to my colleague for sure.”

Don’t miss this amazing chance to refine and enhance your skillset. Apply now to enroll in the September class. For more details regarding the course curriculum, please check out our blog post here.

Note: This is a CLIENT-ONLY course. If you are a client who is interested in attending this class, please fill in and submit an application. Alternatively, if you are an IBMer and you have a client who is interested in attending the class, you may fill in and submit the application on their behalf (one form per company).