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IBM Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS: Command to display object information by Megan Yee

By CALENE JANACEK posted Thu September 03, 2020 10:58 AM


Typically, in Db2 Admin Tool, the way to display catalog information about a Db2 object is to use the System Catalog panel (Option 1 on the main Db2 Administration Menu panel). From that panel, you can select the object type and any filtering criteria:

However, did you know that you can also use the ? command to quickly navigate to the catalog information for any object? For example, if I want to view the information for database DSNDB04, I can type the following command at any command line:

Command ===> ?d DSNDB04

When I press Enter, the DSNDB04 information is displayed:

Similarly, if I want to view the information for a table space, I can use a command such as:

Command ===> ?s KAWDCH.ADBSPART

In this case, the following table space information is displayed:


The format of this command is:

?xx qualifier.name

where xx is the object type from the System Catalog panel. For example, s is for table spaces, v is for views, and x is for indexes.

Everything after the question mark(?) is optional. However, if you want to specify a qualifier or name, you must specify the object type.

You can also use a character other than the question mark (?) for this command. You can specify a different character on the Db2 Admin Defaults panel (ADB2P2) in the CAT command character field. ? is the default.

For more information on this command, see Db2 Admin Tool primary commands in IBM Knowledge Center.