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Stay Informed and Connected - Attend the April 21st Webcast

By CALENE JANACEK posted Thu April 02, 2020 02:58 PM


Title:  Maximizing mainframe value in today’s digital transformation

The mainframe remains a strategic platform for many organizations.  Its use has evolved and changed over years to keep pace with your business needs and growth.  Learn how to maximize your investment in today’s digital transformation.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Moving from a 4HRA to a more dynamic commercial model provides significant client value when meeting these demands and encourages newer techniques for optimization and efficiency of subsystems, databases and applications. Topic include:

  • New ways to help you align value to your workload, based on the amount of system resources consumed  
  • How advanced software technology can be used to optimize costs.  

Whether you’re an architect, manager or administrator, you’ll benefit from the knowledge you gain from attending this session. I hope you can join us.
Speakers:  Andrew Mead, IBM System Z BUE and Kevin Poole, IBM Data & Analytics BUE