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Solving Your Staffing Crisis with Career Reentry Candidates - Jennifer Howland at IDUG NA 2022 in Boston

By Bernie O'Connor posted Mon August 08, 2022 06:09 PM

Jennifer Howland shares that institutional shift is happening at IDUG NA 2022 in  Boston

Interested in solving your staffing crisis while also helping solid professionals reenter the job market?  At the IDUG North America conference during July in Boston, Jennifer Howland shared that this important institutional change is happening in real time for organizations and professionals seeking career re-entry. 

For organizations seeking candidates, professionals who took a career break can provide the kind of experience, drive and diversity that helps to build successful companies.  As an IBM corporate executive, Jennifer was responsible for creating and expanding IBM’s Tech Re-Entry program.  IBM Development Managers who were originally skeptical of the program found themselves fighting to hire the many participants who demonstrated a strong ability to learn and to apply new skills in tandem with their experience. 

The Career Reentry candidates can help corporations meet their goals for both talent and diversity.  The talent of candidates is proven, and can be developed for current positions through either an internal program or partnership with an external provider.  Who are these mid-career reentry professionals?  In Jennifer Howland’s experience, the most common candidates are women who took a mid-career break to care for loved ones in their family, and more recently men are similarly represented as candidates.  Learn more in success stories shared by iRelaunch:   https://www.irelaunch.com/success-stories?audience=relauncher

Employers interested in learning more about the business case for Employer Return to Work Programs, please see a helpful iRelaunch discussion at https://www.irelaunch.com/employers/the-case-for-return-to-work-programs

Employees looking for a career reentry toolkit can find a “launch pad” for re-launchers at https://www.irelaunch.com/relaunchers  Some impressive statistics can provide reassurance about the process, the community, and the results:   

  • There are 100,000+ “relaunchers”
  • There are 3.6 Million views of the viral Ted Talk by iRelaunch co-founder Carol Fishman Cohen, and the Ted Talk has been translated into 30 languages
  • There are 200+ podcasts
  • There is a return to work roadmap available at https://www.irelaunch.com/relaunchers/return-to-work-roadmap

The needs of the needs of the individual and the employer will vary, and it’s worth taking a thoughtful approach to creating a successful program.  To reflect a bit on some successful examples, take a look at iRelaunch and at Jennifer Howland’s story:  https://www.irelaunch.com/blog/team-spotlight-jennifer-howland


About Bernie O’Connor:

Bernie O’Connor is an IBM Champion and a Consultant whose other roles included Director of IT, Application Developer, Development Manager, DBA, DBA Manager, Technical Architecture, BI/DW/Analytics, Pricing Analytics, Computer OPS, System Programmers and Admins, Web Services, M&A and Divestitures.  Bernie is a member of the IDUG Speaker Hall of Fame, and served as IDUG North America Conference Chair (2005 – Denver), IDUG Board Member (2004-2009), and IDUG President (2007-2008).  Bernie was active in the Midwest Db2 Users Group, and with the Evanta CDO conference.  Bernie’s industry experience includes Insurance, Banking, Publishing, Education, Manufacturing and Distribution.  Bernie also advises startups, like the educational startup, The Purple Pen (https://www.thepurplepen.com/).