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Webcast: Scale analytics and AI across the enterprise with the next generation of Db2 Warehouse on AWS and watsonx.data

By Ashley Bassman posted Mon September 25, 2023 11:03 AM


The next generation of the cloud-native Db2 Warehouse on AWS meets your price and performance objectives for always-on workloads, provides simple, governed access to all of your data and enables a singular view of your analytics and AI estate with IBM watsonx.data. 
Hear from our Db2 Warehouse Product Manager, Aniruddha Joshi, and AWS's  Eduardo Monich Fronza, on the benefits and use cases of this new offering, integrations with AWS, see a demo, and learn how to get started today.

In this session, dive deeper into how the next generation of Db2 Warehouse can help your organization: 

  • Achieve 4x faster performance and cut analytics cost by 34x: Our advanced caching technology, coupled with data in cloud object storage, improves performance up to 4x and reduce storage costs by 34x, compared to the prior generation. 
  • Share data responsibly: Support for open data formats enable collaboration in a whole new way. Export, import and directly query open data formats in your data lake, using a single, governed, cloud-native Db2 engine.
  • Scale your analytics and AI across the enterprise:  Db2 Warehouse natively integrates with watsonx.data open data lakehouse that provides a common metadata store. This new architecture also allows you to easily shift workloads and run fit-for-purpose engines that best meet your workload and price-performance needs.

For existing Db2 Warehouse customers, applications deployed on-premises can run seamlessly and unchanged in the cloud.

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