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Better Together: IBM Db2 + AWS

By Ashley Bassman posted Sun February 19, 2023 05:47 PM


The database built to run the world’s mission-critical workloads is on AWS.

In May 2022, IBM officially announced its strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services to deliver IBM SaaS products in the AWS marketplace. IBM's SaaS products on AWS are designed to provide customers with the availability, elastic scaling, governance and security required for their mission-critical workloads, fully managed in the cloud. The IBM and AWS partnership gives customers the opportunity to quickly get started with IBM SaaS products, integrated into the AWS services and experience.  

“The IBM and AWS partnership allows our joint customers to accelerate their data modernization strategy in the cloud by combining the mission-critical reliability and performance of our databases and AWS' cloud infrastructure,” said Edward Calvesbert, Executive Director - Product Management, IBM Data Management. “Through our multi-year agreement, IBM’s entire databases portfolio will be available to run as software or SaaS on AWS. For existing IBM Db2 and Netezza data warehouse customers, migrating to a fully managed SaaS deployment on AWS has never been easier, with risk-free, frictionless upgrades.”

Why Db2 on AWS?

Designed by the world’s leading database experts, IBM Db2 empowers developers, data engineers, DBAs and enterprise architects to run low-latency transactions and real-time analytics for the most demanding workloads. IBM Db2 accelerates time-to-value through end-to-end management of transactional, operational and analytical data across any cloud. Whether you need faster customer insights powered by in-memory processing or the ability to run cloud-native apps, Db2 is built to enable faster, data-driven decisions and drive innovation within your organization.

With over 30 years of expertise and innovation, IBM has consistently evolved Db2 to support ever-changing workload demands. Through our partnership with AWS, we will continue to deliver the tested, resilient and scalable cloud-first Db2 database for transactional and analytical workloads, providing the extreme availability, built-in refined security, effortless scalability and intelligent automation for systems that run the world. 

Read the blog to learn about the Db2 offerings on AWS

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Look forward to the official launch!