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A different approach to cloud data warehousing

By Ashley Bassman posted Wed February 15, 2023 05:06 PM


Explore the third generation of IBM Db2 Warehouse—fully managed on AWS.

Data warehouses are mission-critical assets for your business to make quick, real-time decisions; but it’s not news that analytics has become incredibly expensive over the last decade. Customers have turned to cloud data warehouses as a way to drive costs down with pay-as-you-go pricing, allowing you to start small and scale down your analytics environment when it's not in use.

However, we know that the modern enterprise is a global operation, demanding 24x7 insights from critical analytical applications. We also know that data has changed—it no longer comes only in structured formats, but rather in new unstructured and semi-structured formats that can augment machine-learning-based insights. Given these demands, organizations that had turned to cloud data warehouses to reduce costs are still left looking for a better way to drive the most value from their data cost-effectively. 

IBM’s approach to data warehouses

We’re taking a different approach to cloud data warehousing with our third generation of the cloud-native IBM Db2 Warehouse. Here’s how:

1– We’ve cost-optimized the third generation of our cloud data warehouse for the always-on, mission-critical analytics workloads. We use inexpensive, cloud-native object storage (Amazon S3-based) to significantly reduce your storage costs while improving performance over traditional block storage-based deployments. 

2– Once you are up and running, you have control over how and when you choose to scale. Db2 Warehouse cloud computing supports independent scale of storage and compute while keeping your critical applications always-on. 

3– Data sources have evolved and your business demands analytics on new, unstructured data types. Catalog, ingest and query a variety of open data formats (such as Iceberg, Parquet, AVRO, ORC, CSV, JSON, and more) using Db2’s single, governed engine that supports tight integration with your data lake over cloud object storage.

IBM Db2 Warehouse on your cloud of choice

Your data needs to be located where it can drive the greatest value. When it comes to moving workloads to the cloud, we also believe in giving you the flexibility to run your workloads anywhere: across cloud, hybrid and on-premises. Existing Db2 Warehouse on-premises customers can seamlessly move their workload to Db2 Warehouse on AWS and continue to use their existing applications with minimal disruption.

Register for the tech preview and virtual event

We'd love to share with you what we've built so far. We're inviting you to our private preview of IBM Db2 Warehouse on AWS. Register for the tech preview program today.

Join us on March 14, 2023, for a virtual event showcasing the latest from Db2 Warehouse, a tech preview demo and live Q&A with the Db2 team.