Netezza Performance Server

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Introducing the Tech Preview of IBM Netezza Performance Server as a Fully Managed Service on AWS

By Ashley Bassman posted Mon January 09, 2023 09:12 AM


When it comes to the next generation of analytic workloads, organizations require faster time to insights, reduced governance and compliance risk, support for machine learning datasets and unified analytics across cloud data lakes and warehouse deployments. Additionally, the ability to elastically scale while also lowering total cost of ownership is driving organizations’ decisions to shift analytics to the cloud.

IBM is proud to announce the tech preview availability of IBM Netezza Performance Server as a fully-managed service (NPSaaS) on AWS. Flexible, scalable and optimized for high-performance unified analytics and cost predictability in the cloud, the fully managed Netezza cloud data warehouse service is IBM’s modern enterprise data warehouse for actionable insights. 

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