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Announcement: Superset now supports IBM Netezza Performance Server

By Abhishek Jog posted Tue July 13, 2021 06:42 AM


What is Superset

Apache Superset is a widely popular, opensource, web-based business intelligence application. It is known to be very fast, light weight and an easy to use application. It is very intuitive and loaded with configurable features that allow any user to explore and visualize the data.

Superset now integrates support for IBM Netezza Performance Server (aka Netezza). After installing Superset, a simple driver installation step sets up Superset to work with Netezza.


Detailed steps on installation of Superset can be found at under section “Installation and Configuration”. Make sure you install latest version of Superset (version 1.2.0 or later). Older versions of Superset do not support Netezza.

Once the installation is complete, install nzalchemy (SQLAlchemy dialect for Netezza), in the Superset docker container. Command to install nzalchemy is:

pip install nzalchemy

nzalchemy automatically installs other dependencies such as nzpy (Netezza Python driver). You are all set to go ahead with the configuration.


Detailed configuration walkthrough is available at

Once Superset is running, you should be able to access it using http://<ipaddress>:8088/superset/welcome

Next step is to connect to Netezza database.

Add database

While adding new database to Superset, use SQLAlchemy URI as:


example URI:


where, 5480 is default port for Netezza.

Check that the connection is successful.

Once the database is added successfully, you should be able to see it in the list of connected databases.

Add dataset

Select the dataset (table/view) you want to work on.

Create charts

Now you can use the database table to create charts or run SQL using SQL Editor. There are multiple options for chart types, measures, filters and other configurations that you can use as per data visualization requirement.

Create dashboards

You can create intuitive dashboard from your charts.

There is lot more functionality to the Superset than demonstrated here. Some important features are:

  • Wide array of visualizations to showcase your data
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Code-free visualization builder
  • SQL IDE with metadata browser

You can explore all Superset features with Netezza database. Explore and let us know!

Important links


Superset documentation:

Netezza driver installation:

Raise Netezza specific issues on: