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New IDC Study - Are you getting the most out of your B2B data exchange ?

  • 1.  New IDC Study - Are you getting the most out of your B2B data exchange ?

    Posted Mon April 01, 2024 12:56 PM

    An IDC Study came out end of last year that surveyed many companies in depth about the value they were seeing from their IBM Sterling B2B Data Exchange investments.  This study is definitely worth a read if you are a current or prospective IBM Sterling user!   IBM Sterling Customers reported a VERY high and fast ROI on any B2B Improvements given mission-critical nature of B2B communications even  small improvement multiply benefits for your business rapidly.  IDC found Sterling users repeatedly reported faster onboarding times, faster time to revenue, less resources spent managing partners, fewer unplanned outages, higher customer satisfaction,  and business users (customer support, fulfillment, operations, ...) who were able to use the visibility tools available and reduce the need to come to IT for simple data requests.

    If you are not seeing benefits such as these you should contact us.  There may be one simple piece of the puzzle you re missing or you may not be taking advantage of some of the features that will give you greater benefits for the investment you have already made.

    A highly recommended read for every B2B professional.  Get the study HERE