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  • 1.  Global Mailbox

    Posted Wed March 15, 2023 09:55 AM

    Hi.  I am interested in finding out who has used Global Mailbox to administer interfaces in Sterling and what your experience has been.  We are looking to replace a custom front end.

    thank you.

    Andrea Keehn


  • 2.  RE: Global Mailbox

    Posted Fri November 03, 2023 05:02 PM

    Hi Team,

          We are using 'IBM Global HighAvailability Mailbox' for managing all permissions, events, through single-sing-on via B2B-Console --> Deployment --> Global Mailbox --> Mailbox Administration

    Very frequently this approach of opening 'GlobalMailbox front End' logsOut'

    the logged out page look like this and our 'B2B Sterling Integrator' ids does not work here.  'Only user  'admin' with which the app is installed is able to login'

    Is there  a work around ?

    Thank you

    Premganesh Damodaran

    PremGanesh Damodaran