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Back Up and Restore Sterling B2B Integrator

  • 1.  Back Up and Restore Sterling B2B Integrator

    Posted Tue February 14, 2023 07:08 AM

    Hi Everyone, 

    I have followed the below IBM k/c to perform backup and restore in IBM Sterling B2B

    With two distinct databases for both DC and DR, I have a setup B2B deployed in both DC Active and DR Passive. I'm trying to back up the whole installation directory for Sterling B2B Integrator during this procedure, including all files and subdirectories. It measures roughly 43 GB. Is the complete installation directory need to be backed up and restored, or do we already have any configuration files that are necessary for a successful restoration? If the backup file is 43 GB, from an RTO and RPO perspective, it might have an impact on those metrics. Please advise

    Hemanth Chinnadandluru
    IBM Integration Engineer