IBM TechXchange DACH GenAI & watsonx User Group

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This group is created to get together and identify use cases from different industry sectors and communities in the DACH region. The key technology focus areas include, but are not limited to, GenAI, watsonx, and IBM Cloud.


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  • Watsonx Challenge April 10 for Non IBMers. Don't miss to encourage participation and be part of IBM WatsonX Community. Hello AI Enthusiasts / Colleagues, Welcome you to IBM TechXchange Frankfurt GenAI & watsonx User Group. I hope your interested ...

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  • WatsonX Day Challenge 10 April

    WatsonX Day Challenge 10 April 

    Register in link =>

    (Challenge for Non-Ibmer's)

    The challenge on April 10th is for external participants only. 

    The essentials


    • This challenge is to professionals interested in building their AI skills through an enterprise-focused challenge
    • Are you a student? The best opportunity for you would be to join the Call for Code Global Challenge.

    *See participation agreement for eligibility requirements


    • On April 10 our worldwide challenge will start at 9:00 AM JST (GMT +9) and end on April 11 at 12:00 PM JST (GMT +9)
    • You will be given all info required to complete the challenge at 9:00 AM JST (GMT +9)
    • You are welcome to compete anytime during that window
    • You can spend as little or as much time as you would like. Individuals and teams can expect to spend a minimum of three hours to complete a competitive submission


    Key dates

    • 03 April – Take advantage of live webcast delivered by top IBM experts on what to expect during the challenge and an introduction to watsonx products

    • 04 April – Challenge track selections close

    • 08 April – watsonx environments available

    • 10 April – Join host Nicholas Renotte, IBM Chief AI Engineer, and Morgan Carroll, IBM Senior AI Engineer, for a 1-hour live (virtual) kickoff presentation in a timezone or location near you.

      • Asia: 10 April 9:00 AM JST (GMT +9)
      • Europe: 10 April 11:00 AM CEST (GMT +2)
      • Americas: 10 April 12:00 PM ET (GMT -5)
    • 18 April – Winning teams announced

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