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  • In v39, the password-hashing function used for encrypting passwords changed from bcrypt to PBKDF2. All user and API key accounts were automatically upgraded to use PBKDF2 when a user or app logged in to the SOAR platform. In v42.1, bcrypt will be removed ...

  • We have released v42.0.2101 of our Python Libraries for IBM Security SOAR: ...

  • We have released v41.1.2013 of our Python Libraries for IBM Security SOAR: ...

  • Detection With SIEM360, the countless traces of movement within a complex IT landscape are first of all intelligently assessed, brought into context and made visible. Supplemented by the organizational context and specific threshold values, critical ...

  • IBM SOAR (Resilient) Customer Support and IBM Security Learning Services and have teamed up to bring you Troubleshooting and Best Practices for IBM App Host for IBM Security SOAR Open Mic web seminar. This live event will be held on Thursday May 13 ...

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  • Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    Hello Benoit, My use case is the second one and I am using IBM SOAR Task Helper functions. I tried to run the Built-in menu item rule but I see a popup asking for the task name Do we need to manually type the task name each time when we want to ...

  • Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    HI Liam, I am using there is no workflow in there it takes parameters as input SS for Rule How it look like when we query an artifact ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    By clearing the browser cache, I could display the workflow detail again. ------------------------------ Yohji Amano ------------------------------

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    Upload Excel Data

    Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    Hello everyone, Before deploying SOAR our organization used to save incident data into excel files, As of now SOAR has been implemented in our organization. For audit purpose we need to have all incidence. My question is can we upload the pervious incidents ...

  • Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    Mohsin, Are you using the qradar_search function from this integration ? Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the workflow you are using? ------------------------------ Liam Mahoney ------------------------------