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  • We have released v41.1.2013 of our Python Libraries for IBM Security SOAR: ...

  • Detection With SIEM360, the countless traces of movement within a complex IT landscape are first of all intelligently assessed, brought into context and made visible. Supplemented by the organizational context and specific threshold values, critical ...

  • IBM SOAR (Resilient) Customer Support and IBM Security Learning Services and have teamed up to bring you Troubleshooting and Best Practices for IBM App Host for IBM Security SOAR Open Mic web seminar. This live event will be held on Thursday May 13 ...

  • Following the announcement that IBM Resilient is renamed IBM Security SOAR, I wanted to explain a difference customers should be aware of when raising cases with the support team. When navigating the IBM support portal ( ...

  • Overview The v38.2 release of Resilient SOAR includes the new Python 3 scripting feature which enables security developers to create Python 3 scripts as a part of an incident or case response right in the UI. Scripting in Resilient is not new and until ...

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  • Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    Hi Sean We are on Resilient 39.2.17 and in our post-process code (engine Python 2) we don't have any encode() - decode() function. Still we have the same error as Jared: Post-processing script for Function 'Utilities: Email Parse' from Workflow 'Mail ...

  • Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    AnnMarie, Thanks for the reply. I am running App Host. ------------------------------ Ryan Terry ------------------------------

  • Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    Hi Ryan Thanks for reporting this issue. I think the problem you are seeing is in resilient-lib OAuth2 code. A member of the community provided a fix but it has been difficult to set up the environment to test. Are you running on App Host or an integration ...

  • Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    Hi everyone, The "Data Feeder for SOAR" is only available in integration server format. Is there any plan to make it avalable in app host format? Thanks ------------------------------ Pierre Dufresne ------------------------------

  • Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    Has anyone gotten this workflow working by using "ALL" in the Email Address field? I can get results if I target a single email address, but if I want to search all mailboxes for a particular email message it fails after running for about an hour with ...