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  • In v39, the password-hashing function used for encrypting passwords changed from bcrypt to PBKDF2. All user and API key accounts were automatically upgraded to use PBKDF2 when a user or app logged in to the SOAR platform. In v42.1, bcrypt will be removed ...

  • We have released v42.0.2101 of our Python Libraries for IBM Security SOAR: ...

  • We have released v41.1.2013 of our Python Libraries for IBM Security SOAR: ...

  • Detection With SIEM360, the countless traces of movement within a complex IT landscape are first of all intelligently assessed, brought into context and made visible. Supplemented by the organizational context and specific threshold values, critical ...

  • IBM SOAR (Resilient) Customer Support and IBM Security Learning Services and have teamed up to bring you Troubleshooting and Best Practices for IBM App Host for IBM Security SOAR Open Mic web seminar. This live event will be held on Thursday May 13 ...

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  • Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    HI Shane, Thanks for your reply . Can you confirm if we downgrade pymsteams , the other app we are using might face problem or not ? Thanks Rafiq ------------------------------ Rafiqul Islam ------------------------------

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    resilient-sdk clone Error

    Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    Dears , Did any one face this error Thanks ------------------------------ M R ------------------------------

  • Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    I have an idea in the Aha idea portal here to improve the query_builder method available within in-product scripting. Feel free to +1 the idea. I believe that method would be an excellent spot for related incidents to be queryable. I'll add a comment ...

  • Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    I came across the same error and the 'resilient-circuits list' output is as follows: rc-data-feed-plugin-odbcfeed==1.0.5: (Package does not define any components) rc-data-feed-plugin-splunkfeed==1.0.3: (Package does not define any components) ...

  • Posted in: IBM Security SOAR

    An App is different than an integration server in that it is "packaged". In addition, app code and runtime are combined into a Docker image. It is this Docker image that is run on the AppHost. So effectively you would need to build your own App, creating ...