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    Posted Mon March 16, 2020 04:24 PM

    OpenDS4All is not your typical OSS project focusing on the development of code to solve a specific problem. It was created to accelerate the development of data science programs by creating a community of individuals passionate about data science and education. For this project to be a success, we need individuals from academia and industry to collaborate in submitting content as well as promoting the hosted educational module to universities and colleges that want to start data science programs, but struggle due to a lack of resources.


    Are you aware of an international or local university, college or school that understands the need for data science education but need help to get going? OpenDS4All may be the resource they have been waiting for to kick start their journey towards data science. The building blocks contain sets of PowerPoint slides with instructor notes, Jupyter notebooks and other resources that may be used to build a data science curriculum at graduate or undergraduate level.


    Through the participation of the community, new educational modules will be added, and current modules will be adapted, modified and updated. The original set of educational modules was built by professors (from the University of Pennsylvania), for professors. But anybody can contribute to the project if you follow the very general guidelines given on GitHub. A Technical Steering Committee (TSC) was set up to oversee the running of the project and to steer it in the right direction … data science is a dynamic and developing field after all and the TSC will make sure it evolves with the needs of academia.


    So, get involved, promote the content of the project and help to keep the content up to date and to make it better. The success of the project depends on your involvement and contributions.


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    Andre de Waal