University Industry Demonstration Partnership Presentation

  • 1.  University Industry Demonstration Partnership Presentation

    Posted Fri March 27, 2020 10:09 AM
    I gave a virtual presentation at UIDP30 (University Industry Demonstration Partnership) on OpenDS4All yesterday and feel the 50 minute presentation was well received.  The moderator, Tony Boccanfuso, president of UIDP was very complimentory and indicated that they expected 40-60 people to attend. There were also a couple of questions that I could answer at the end.

    I had one Data Scientist from a large healthcare company connecting on LinkedIn afterwards and he had this message: "I just attended your presentation from UIDP. I really enjoyed it and am excited about the community building mission you are leading. Thank you for presenting and your work with OpenDS4All".

    It was well worth the effort and as IBM is affiliated to UIDP, it also helped to strengthen the relationship with UIDP.

    Andre de Waal