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  • 1.  NFS volume service for cloud foundry

    Posted Tue June 15, 2021 09:30 AM
    Hi all, 

    I am trying to add an nfs volume service for my cloud foundry app. I was following the instructions here: Using an External File System (Volume Services) 
    However, after browsing through ibm's cf marketplace, I couldn't find one. Is there one provided, or at least planned to be provided?

    Dimitris Sam

  • 2.  RE: NFS volume service for cloud foundry

    Posted Mon October 25, 2021 03:23 AM

    Hi Dimitris,
    No, this isn't a service that we offer in our Cloud Foundry service. 

    The file storage available in IBM Cloud is mountable to Classic virtual servers - so the solution here would be to implement a Classic VM and use that within your solution

    Depending on your use case, Object Storage may be an alternative?

    James Belton