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Determine user within custom HTTP Handler

  • 1.  Determine user within custom HTTP Handler

    Posted Wed April 20, 2022 06:30 PM
    I'm trying to determine the user context within a custom HTTP Handler used with a Federated MBO.  The custom handler is required to populate the header with an authentication token.  I am able to populate the token using a static username/password stored in the End Point configuration.  I now need to get an authentication token for the user making the request.  I've tried using an automation script to pass in the username in the End Point URL (ex ...&username=script:MYUSER).  The value is getting populated correctly, but not until after the Handler is executed.  I see script:MYUSER when I extract the username property from the query string in my handler.  When I review the logs on the target system, I see that the script is correctly converted within the URL.
    Calling Automation Scripts in a Federated MBO Endpoint

    Is there another way to get the user within the handler code?

    Donovan Smith