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Publishing quick scan results 

Fri November 22, 2019 01:21 PM

Quick scan is used to discover new data sets from large unknown data sources. Because it analyzes only data sample, and skips the import of data sets to the default catalog, it’s very fast. It provides a general overview of the quality of the data sample to give you the first-level understanding of your data.

Typically, when you’re satisfied with the analysis results, you approve tables and files and then go to a workspace to publish the results to the default catalog. By enabling the publish feature, you can publish the analysis results directly from the quick scan results, without the need to approve the assets and go to a workspace. When you publish the analysis results directly from the quick scan results view, you can’t modify the results. If you want to modify the results, you can load them to a workspace instead of publishing them. In the workspace you can run further analysis, edit the results, and then publish them to the default catalog.


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