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Media - Viewership Analytics Accelerator 

Thu January 16, 2020 04:11 PM

Business Value and Use Case

The system provides to build capabilities for in-depth analysis, ratings, reach and ROI for Agencies, Brand Managers, MSOs and Broadcasters to identify and define the target audience and improve the campaign performance.


Identify the target audience for TV Advertising

Viewership ratings of programs and Ads for dissected target audience

Quantify the impact of TV and digital exposure on consumer behavior

Cross platform measurement of Media consumption to determine Reach, Frequency and key performance indicators



Audience Intelligence

  • Aggregated viewership measures, reach, historical trends & projections for program and commercial ratings
  • Integrate with TP and FP audience intelligence and behavioral data
  • Profile and segment households into demographic, interest-based, retail and lifestyle categories


Audience Targeting

  • Identify households that meet the target criteria
  • Enable geographic, demographic & behavioural addressability of TV advertising
  • Reduce wasted impressions to lower the cost of impact


Spot Recommendations

  • Generate spot recommendations against qualified potential customers using predictive analytics


Viewership Forecasting


  • Forecast future viewership using regression techniques
  • Project forecasting ratings to universal audience



Typical Metrics & reports


Program Rating

-          Audience that viewed the program as a percent of the audience population. Could be against the target audience alone, or complete audience.

Commercial Rating

-          Audience that viewed the commercial as a percent of the audience population. Could be against the target audience alone, or complete audience

Ad Impressions

-          Total number of times the advertisement was watched by target audience


-          Unique audience that viewed the program or commercial


-          Unique audience that took a desired action after watching the commercials as a percentage of reach


-          Total number of times the audience actively interacted with the advertisement for e.g. selecting the advertisement or watch the clip

Prerequisites of Cloud Pak for Data Services 

The accelerator requires the Analytics Dashboard service.

Enablement Material

- Download the presentation by clicking here - Tavant Media Accelerators

Import the Accelerator

For CPD version 2.5.X+ follow these steps - Accelerator Setup

For previous versions of CPD follow below steps - 
  1. Download the Media - TV Viewership.tar.gz file, which is available on the Git repository here -
  2. Create the project by importing the ZIP file. For details, see Creating a project in the Cloud Pak for Data documentation.

Next Steps

Whom to contact. 

Ravi Peravali |

T:408-519-5367| C: 510-673-4668 | F:408 519 5401

Tavant Technologies |

3965 Freedom Circle, Suite #750, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Abhay Dubey |

T: 408-654-5205| C: 408-507-9136

Tavant Technologies |

3965 Freedom Circle, Suite 750, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA

About Tavant


Tavant is a digital products and solutions company that provides impactful results to its customers across a wide range of industries such as Consumer Lending, Aftermarket, Media & Entertainment, and Retail in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Our solutions, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, help improve operational efficiency, productivity, speed and accuracy in the interconnected world to succeed in a rapidly changing business environment.

Founded in 2000, headquartered in Santa Clara, the company employs over 2500 people and is a recognized top employer. Tavant is an ISO 27001 compliant and SEI-CMMI level 4 compliant organization.



Tavant partners with leading media & entertainment companies to develop innovative engineering solutions to deliver and monetize content across screens and devices. Tavant’s engineering services, coupled with extensible frameworks, enable media companies to gain better insights, make smarter business decisions, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and maximize revenues across platforms. Areas of expertise include OTT/broadcast operations, advanced advertising, and AI-driven data analytics. Founded in 2000, and headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Tavant’s team of over 2,500 engineers provides impactful results to its clients across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. For more information, visit




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