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Intelligent Maintenance Prediction 

18 days ago

Reduce your costs by scheduling maintenance at just the right time.

What's included?

  • A structured business glossary of more than 100 business terms.
  • Sample data science assets

How does it work?

The glossary provides the information architecture that you need to govern the data about your equipment. And your data scientists can use the sample notebooks, predictive models, and dashboards to accelerate data preparation, machine learning modeling, and data reporting.

The accelerator uses predictive analytics and machine learning to determine the lifespan of a machine and the likelihood that it will fail on a given day. The accelerator helps you schedule maintenance so that you:

  • Don't waste time and money fixing equipment that is working well.
  • Don't let equipment failure leave you idle and accruing unnecessary costs.

Optimize your maintenance schedule based on the costs that you will incur.

When you import the accelerator:

  • The terms are added to your business glossary under the Intelligent Maintenance category.
  • The data science assets are added to a new analytics project.
A sample of the terms included in the Intelligent Maintenance Prediction accelerator

Some of the features in the industry accelerator require additional software. Before you import the accelerator, decide whether you want to use the following features:

Feature Prerequisite
R Shiny apps If you want to use the included R Shiny apps, you must install the RStudio add-on. For details, see Enable additional development environments.

Importing the accelerator

To use this accelerator, complete the following steps:

  1. Download the intelligent-maintenance-industry-accelerator.tar.gz file, which is available on the repository.
  2. Determine how you want to import the accelerator:
    • If you want to pick which components you import, complete the following steps:
      1. Extract the contents of the package.
      2. For the business glossary, use the Cloud Pak for Data web client to import the XML file. For details, see Importing a data dictionary in the Cloud Pak for Data documentation.
      3. For the data science assets, use the Cloud Pak for Data web client to import the ZIP file. For details, see Creating a project in the Cloud Pak for Data documentation.
    • If you want to install all of the components, complete the following steps:
      1. From a command prompt, run the following command to authenticate to Cloud Pak for Data:

        curl -s --output /dev/null -w '%{http_code}' -k -X POST https://{HOSTNAME}:{PORT_NUMBER}/v1/preauth/signin -F username={USERNAME} -F password={PASSWORD} -c auth_cookie.txt

      2. Run the following command to import the TAR.GZ file to Cloud Pak for Data:

        curl -k -X POST https://{HOSTNAME}:{PORT_NUMBER}/zen-watchdog/v1/accelerator -F project_file=@{FILEPATH} -b auth_cookie.txt

        For the {FILEPATH}, use the fully qualified path of the TAR.GZ file that you downloaded.

      3. Run the following command to verify that the import completed sucessfully:

        curl -k -b auth_cookie.txt -X GET https://{HOSTNAME}:{PORT_NUMBER}/zen-watchdog/v1/accelerator/status/{REQUEST_ID}

        For the {REQUEST_ID}, use the ID that was returned by the preceding command.

    Additional information

    This accelerator has been verified on Cloud Pak for Data v2.1.0.2

    About the developer:



    This project contains Sample Materials, provided under license.
    Licensed Materials - Property of IBM.
    © Copyright IBM Corp. 2019. All Rights Reserved.
    US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.

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