Governance Workflows — The Key to Building Successful Information Architectures

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Governance Workflows — The Key to Building Successful Information Architectures 

Mon February 15, 2021 07:35 PM

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Medium blog by Namit Kabra

It is said there is no AI without IA (information architecture). Most enterprises want to use the best and newest AI approaches in their business to make use of all the data they have. Unfortunately, many are not successful. Why?

One of the main reasons for this failure to implement successful AI in the enterprise space is that the data governance within their organizations is handled poorly. Organizations don’t understand their own data or know its structure. The companies can hire data scientists, but if these data scientists can’t find the right data or understand the data they are given, they cannot make use of it in their models. We developed Watson Knowledge Catalog to empower companies to take charge of their data and use it for transformational AI in the enterprise. In this post, we will cover the workings of the Watson Knowledge Catalog and give a walkthrough of how to use it.



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