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Edge Analytics Sample Applications 

Mon August 10, 2020 03:21 PM

This page lists edge analytics samples, to help you get started moving analytics to the edge.

Basic Edge Samples

Each of the basic edge samples below includes a simple,  hello-world like application that you can deploy to the edge.  These samples help you learn how to build an edge application and deploy it on one or more edge systems.

  • Edge Rolling Average sample - A Python notebook that computes the rolling average of a set of sensor values on an edge system.
  • Edge Application Control sample - A Streams Processing Language (SPL) application that performs some basic analytics on the edge.  This sample also illustrates how to pass parameters and set runtime options for edge applications.

Multi-tier Edge Samples

The multi-tier samples include an application that runs on edge systems, and another application that runs on the Cloud Pak for Data control plane (CP4D Hub).  The edge applications perform analytics in close proximity to the data, and results of the edge analytics are sent to the CP4D Hub.  The application at the hub may perform additional analytics or just summarize the results from the edge.

  • Edge Digit-Recognition notebook sample - An edge application written in a Python notebook uses a machine-learning model to identify hand-drawn integers.  Results from the model scoring at the edge are sent to another notebook running in the CP4D Hub.
  • Edge Digit-Recognition Streams Flows sample - Similar to the Edge Digit Recognition sample except that the edge application is constructed using the Streams Flows visual builder.


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