Cloud Pak for Data

Data and AI preconfigured: IBM Cloud Pak for Data System vs. the competition 

Thu October 22, 2020 12:22 PM

Sponsored by IBM and Intel

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data System, a preconfigured “cloud in a box,” helps companies modernize their data and quickly get AI projects up and running. Join experts from IBM and analyst firm Cabot Partners to learn why IBM Cloud Pak for Data System is a leader in hyper-converged platforms for data and AI.


This webinar will walk through a comprehensive competitive analysis of IBM Cloud Pak for Data System against AWS Outposts, Google Anthos, Microsoft Azure Stack/Hybrid Cloud and Oracle Cloud at Customer.

Register to learn more about:

- An overview of IBM Cloud Pak for Data System
- The study’s methodology and key findings
- How well each product delivers on critical steps along the “AI Ladder”
- IBM Cloud Pak for Data System’s unique value props, including total cost of ownership compared to the public cloud
- Visualizations of findings – see results at a glance with striking spider charts
- Recommendations on how your company can use IBM Cloud Pak for Data System to support data and AI innovation and business continuity

Srini Chari
Srini Chari
Managing Partner
Cabot Partners

Srini Chari is the founder and managing partner of Cabot Partners – an IT Analyst and Marketing/Technical Services firm operating since 2006. He has more than 25 years of experience in information technology and is focused on emerging computing technologies: analytics, AI/machine learning, high-performance computing and cloud computing.

Vikram Khatri
Vikram Khatri
Chief Architect
Cloud Pak for Data System

Vikram Khatri is a recognized expert, innovator, and thought leader with cross-industry expertise, known for advising and proactively engaging as a coach and mentor to Strategic Accounts, IBM and the extended industry in key specialties, including: AI, blockchain, cryptography, IBM Cloud Pak for Data, DB2, hybrid data, applications architecting and many large enterprise customers.

Klaus Roder
Klaus Roder
Program Director, Offering Management
Cloud Pak for Data System

Klaus Roder is the lead program director for Cloud Pak for Data System, a platform that helps companies manage their data & AI needs end to end. Prior to his current role, Klaus led the IBM Entity Analytics business, providing deep Entity Insides to customers. He was also the lead product manager for IBM’s Big Data Business, which he led from its inception to a multi-million-dollar business. Before that, Klaus was a key member of the IBM Information Management CTO office.


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