Part 3: Scale AI with your apps and processes

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When:  Aug 17, 2021 from 08:00 AM to 10:30 PM (PT)

AI bootcamp: Becoming AI Expert in 3 weeks

Developer!  Analysts!  Any self-starters!

It’s your time to become an expert in AI so you can use AI for your apps and business processes. Back by popular demand, IBM welcomes you to participate in a summer camp series: becoming an AI expert in three weeks. We will provide self-paced assignments, video tutorials and other assignments that you can use from August 3 to August 17. We will have office hours and a slack channel with community support so that you can ask questions and exchange notes with other participants. This year we are partnering with Call for Code and you will be exposed to technologies that help make our world a better place.

You can choose one of the two tracks and learn about AI topics covered by Parts 1-3.   After participating in this camp, you will become:

TRACK 1: AI Explorer, who demonstrates foundational understanding of AI including use cases, methods and key capabilities

TRACK 2: AI Developer, who can build an AI app by participating in AI bootcamp Hackathon in addition to the foundational understanding covered by Track 1


The following sessions are offered to tackle: 

Part 1: Get started with data - collect, organize and catalog your data

  • Role of data in AI - what is data and why it matters in building AI
  • Accessing, collecting and cataloging data
  • High value data - speech, text, sensors, videos, images and machine generated data

Part 2: Build and deploy AI across any cloud

  •  Automate the model development
  •  Training and deploying models

Part 3: Day 2 operations - scale AI with your apps and processes 

  • Bring your models to production in the DevOps tool chains
  • Scale AI-powered apps - what to know and watch out for
  • How to get started


You can join anytime and catch up by listening to the previous sessions. Register now and help your organization become an AI powerhouse! 


We will announce the winners of the Hackthorn at 8am pacific on August 24 on IBM Developer Youtube.  Hope to see you all there!