AMA: Day 1 and Day 2 Operational Improvements in 4.5 (installation, upgrade, backup, and restore)

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When:  Aug 25, 2022 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)

We’d like to answer your questions about the operational improvements we made in Cloud Pak for Data 4.5 in the areas of installation, upgrade, backup, and restore. We’ve arranged for experts from across IBM to answer your questions right here in this forum thread.

If you have questions, you can start posting them now in the discussion forum. Our experts will hop on the Cloud Pak for Data Community discussion forum on August 25 at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific and start answering your questions right here in this same thread.

This event will take place entirely in the discussion forum, so there is no meeting to join. If you can’t be online during the hour, don’t worry; you can post your questions in advance and read the responses later.


Julia Montarbo 

Julia is the Senior Content Design Lead for IBM Cloud Pak for Data. She has worked on Cloud Pak for Data since its first release and is passionate about continually improving customer experience in the web client and product documentation. One of her focus areas is installation and upgrade. Julia designs, develops, and coordinates the installation and upgrade documentation for the platform and services.

Kaihua Zhou 

Kaihua is a software developer in the IBM Data and AI organization. He is the team lead of Cloud Pak for Data installation team, focusing on microservice orchestration and automation.


Mandy Chu 

Mandy is a software developer who has been working on the Cloud Pak for Data installation team for four years.  Mandy focuses on automating the installation, upgrade, and uninstallation processes and post installation operations.

Henry Chiu 

Henry Chiu works as a developer on Cloud Pak for Data. His focus is on backup and restore operations.

Andy Streit 

Andy is a Senior Software Engineer in the IBM Data and AI organization in the role of Cloud Pak for Data platform architect. He joined the Cloud Pak for Data platform team four years ago and is focused on administration, tenancy, diagnostics, monitoring, alerting, auditing, license reporting, disaster recovery, backup and restore.  Previously, Andy worked as technical lead for Streaming Analytics on IBM Cloud.