Community Day at IBM Data & AI Forum, Miami

When:  Oct 21, 2019 from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM (ET)

IBM Community Day offers a unique experience for IBM Data and AI Forum attendees to gather, share ideas, learn, engage and explore with other tech practitioners, enthusiasts, learners, teachers, leaders, and doers across all roles and industries. The program is designed to introduce topics via primers, customer showcases and workshops to inform and prepare you for deep dive content during the Data and AI forum main sessions. We also invite attendees to help shape the future of products and tools by contributing ideas and feedback in our design jams.

Conference Fee is $1295 and provides full access to the entire IBM Data and AI Forum, including Community Day. Register with code COMMUNITY for a $200 discount.

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October 21, 2019

Title Abstract
IBM Community: a place for practitioners Community is a place for tech practitioners, enthusiasts, students, learners, teachers, leaders, and doers to gather and share ideas, troubleshoot, learn best practices, discover new tools, and solve problems. IBM’s platform serves 146,000 members across 9 distinct communities, with 20 more to launch in the near future. Nearly 300 local user groups have been formed within communities. Learn about ways that community can connect, inform and guide product users and domain experts through live events, webinars, tutorials, demos, how-tos, special product access, free trials, expert QA, discussions, blogs and more.
Call for IBM Champions IBM Champions nominations are currently open. Hear from IBM Champions about the program and find out how to apply.
Co-create the future of Db2! Do you use Db2 in any of its iterations? Then kickoff your IBM Data and AI Forum 2019 by joining our interactive session and help guide the future of IBM Db2 tooling by providing your feedback, ideas, and domain expertise. You’ll gain valuable information on what’s new with Db2 as well as learn about future releases and IBM’s strategic direction. You’ll influence the IBM product team’s direction for the road ahead while networking with other customers from industries around the world.
IBM Business Analytics Strategy and Vision TBD
Foundations of Artificial Intelligence: Integrating technical and business priorities Implementing AI in your organization requires business and technical leaders to build a shared understanding of the principles of the foundation and execution of AI.  This course, taught by IBM Data Scientists, will provide them with a foundational understanding of AI capabilities.  After completion of this course, participants will understand what Artificial Intelligence is and isn’t, recognize core AI capabilities and how they address business needs, and build a base understanding of the various AI roles across an organization.
IBM Business Analytics Product Roadmap TBD
IBM Business Analytics – Client Showcase, Lightning Rounds TBD
Assemble your analytic super heroes for Cloud Pak for Data DesignJAM! Are you and your colleagues battling the galatic universe through analytics? Need stronger tools to fight against your data kryptonite? Bring your super powers (like domain expertise, business needs, past tool frustrations) and join forces with IBM design to co-create solutions that will guide the future of Cloud Pak for Data. As a group we will walk through your current (as-is) data analytics experience, identify gaps in the journey, and prioritize what changes you need to succeed. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of both your organizational requirements and help design ways to improve your work! The next analytics light saber is in our reach!
IBM Business Analytics Design Jam and Breakouts In a memo dated December 20, 1966, T.J. Watson Jr. famously stated, “Good design is good business.” 53 years later, design continues to play a valuable role in the development of our products at IBM Business Analytics. It all begins with a focus on the user and how we can design and deliver more useful, usable, and essential solutions. Come meet the design team behind Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics to discover how we are continuously improving the user experience for IBM Business Analytics. Preview designs from the cutting room floor and share your thoughts on where we should explore next.
Data Science Design Jam TBD
Deep Learning: Frameworks and Applications We will discuss the state of the art of Deep Learning. A brief discussion of the theory of neural networks will be followed by a discussion of one of the most popular deep learning frameworks in use today, which is TensorFlow. TensorFlow has emerged as one of the most popular deep learning frameworks in use today. It has by far more users and contributors than any other project, and appears to be continuing on its upward trajectory with the release of the TensorFlow 2.0 API. There are many new features of the TensorFlow 2.0 API to look through, and we will discuss many of them, including eager execution, notebook accessible tensorboards, and tighter integration with Keras. In addition, we will show how edge calculations can be accelerated with tensorflow.js and tensorflowlite which runs completely in the browser and provides much faster model serving. TensorFlow is well on the way to becoming the standard for all things deep learning…both on large and small devices.
Getting started with Scala and Apache Spark Join our hands-on workshop to learn how to get started with Scala and Apache Spark. After this training you will be able to write and run a sample Scala application using Apache Spark.


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