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ICP4D - Discovery

  • 1.  ICP4D - Discovery

    Posted Wed January 08, 2020 08:58 AM
    I would like to get some feedback on running  discovery on icp4d.

    We deployed ICP4D using Openshift and enabled discovery.

    Issue I have  is there is no way to assign security for projects in discovery. Everyone who has access to discovery is able to access all projects. We need to restrict access to group of users for better control.

    For example, I have two discovery projects  for Business area A and B.  Group A users should have access to only group A projects and contents. Currently users can see both the projects.

    Please let me know if anyone has better way to control access to discovery



  • 2.  RE: ICP4D - Discovery

    Posted Thu January 09, 2020 06:52 AM

    When setting up projects you can set permissions for particular users to access the project.

    You can also add collaborators to existing projects as admin, editor or viewer.


  • 3.  RE: ICP4D - Discovery

    Posted Thu January 09, 2020 10:49 AM
    When you run discovery, you have ability to select a workspace ( a project for data quality/curation). When you go to quality menu on the left bar , you will be able to see the workspace and modify who has access to the workspace and control their access level.
    With that, you should be able to govern who can see details and who can edit them.
    Having said that, if you have the discovery role, you are able to see high level view of discovery at the moment.

    Kunju Kashalikar