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Connectivity Introduction - Part I

By Virginie Grandhaye posted Fri February 18, 2022 05:38 AM


"For two years, I’m working as Connectivity Product Manager, for IBM’s Data Fabric, called #CloudPakForData. Let me introduce you to this great topic and propose a very humble and simplified topology or overview.


Lets start from the basic…

The volume of data is exponentially increasing for the past 10 years or so. Companies are investing a lot in storage, as they need to park data somewhere (and storage is becoming cheaper). Data can be transient, operational, and you may decide to store them temporarily, or forever (depending on different reasons, including legal considerations). But in any case, Data storage is a center of cost, until you can extract value from them…


Data, depending on the nature of it, is stored in a different support : Databases, DataWarehouse, Data Lake…


Traditionally/historically, data were stored in Relational databases, and accessed via SQL Queries. Today, they are categorized as Single Data model databases (eg : MySQL, Ms SQL Server, MariaDB, PostgreSQL…). But a relational database is not appropriate to store unstructured data (like a video, a song, a document) so, emerged the notion on NoSQL databases (MongoDB, IBM Cloud Object Storage, AWS S3…).


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