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What's new in 3.5 for Cloud Pak for Data?

By Shannon Rouiller posted Fri November 20, 2020 05:43 PM



IBM Cloud Pak for Data 3.5.0 is available now and boasts simpler navigation, a customizable home page, improved platform and production workload management, and broader support for connections from the platform with easier connection management. The release also includes support for zLinux, a vault to store sensitive data, several new services, and numerous updates to existing services.

Here are some highlights from Cloud Pak for Data 3.5:

Enhanced automation
  • Cloud Pak for Data “Operator” automates installation and lifecycle management
  • Automated discovery and quick scan improvements, enhancements to governance workflows
  • Automated query optimization in data virtualization for better performance
Simplified administration 
  • Platform management with advanced resource quotas
  • Manage production workloads with Deployment spaces
  • CLI commands and APIs to manage services, back up, restore projects, export/import metadata and access data virtualization data
Improved user experience 
  • Guided product tours to get started
  • Navigation improvements and customization to enhance productivity
  • Platform Connections to streamline data access
  • A console to manage your integrated databases

Accelerated AI 
  • Watson Machine Learning Accelerator
  • Federated Machine Learning (Tech Preview)
Improved governance and security 
  • User groups for more granular access management
  • A secret vault to store security secrets: Tokens, API Keys, etc.

You can learn more in the What's new topic in the documentation, or check out the What's new video.