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Experience Data Fabric on Cloud Pak for Data

By SACHIN PRASAD posted Mon March 21, 2022 11:06 AM


You may be wondering, “what is a data fabric”? A is an architectural approach to simplify data access in an organization to facilitate self-service data consumption. IBM Cloud Pak for Data is IBM’s unified data and AI platform that delivers a data fabric architecture, enabling you to easily connect, understand, secure and deliver data regardless of where it lives.

To help users get their hands directly on a data fabric and how it can address critical use cases such as customer 360, multi-cloud data integration, and MLOps and trustworthy AI. We have created tutorials for each use case that you can try for free. Let’s explore each one.

Customer 360

Build a 360-degree view of customer data to gain deeper insights for personalized engagement. allows you to:

· Deliver accurate views of customer data in near real-time.

· Combine data from multiple application sources.

· Gain a business understanding of the data for tangible market insights.

Multi-cloud Data Integration

Transform structured or unstructured data from on-prem, cloud or hybrid into a trusted unified view.

With you can:

· Easily provide data to the users that use it.

· Ingest data where it resides.

· Automate data access.

MLOps and Trustworthy AI

Build, automate and scale AI models. AI lets you:

· Automate the AI lifecycle.

· Build and deploy a ML model.

· Manage and monitor models to provide fair, accurate and trustworthy results.

Try out

After you have experienced the data fabric use case tutorials, try Cloud Pak for Data’s Quick Start menu for instant productivity.

Step 1 :

Select from the following capabilities you are interested in:

· Build dashboards with IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded

· Create data pipelines with DataStage

· Build customer profiles with IBM Match 360 with Watson

· Catalog and govern data with Watson Knowledge Catalog

· Build and manage ML models with Watson Studio

· Query data anywhere with Watson Query

Step 2 :

View a sample project or start your own

Step 3 :

Get to work

Start your free trial with data fabric today by selecting which use case you’d like to work on!




Authored by -

Tom Recchia
Sr. Digital Product Manager
Data and AI
IBM Software