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Cloud Pak for Data 4.0.4 - What's New

By SACHIN PRASAD posted Thu January 20, 2022 04:08 PM


The Cloud Pak for Data team is excited to announce the availability of Cloud Pak for Data 4.0.4, which we have affectionately called the "log4j" release. As the world has grappled with the emergence of the log4j vulnerability that has affected apps everywhere, IBM diligently worked to deliver patches and workarounds that eliminate the risk this vulnerability has posed to our clients (learn more). As the impact of the log4j vulnerability reverberates across our industry, we will undoubtedly face even more scrutiny on our security posture.  

It is this focus on security that is a primary driver for our monthly release schedule. In the December release, we reduced the number of security vulnerabilities by more than half (54%) from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4.  Cloud Pak for Data development teams worked diligently to discover, understand, and patch these issues. Cloud Pak for Data is committed to continue focusing on such security and vulnerability fixes in its ongoing releases.

While secure code is a priority, we have not lost our focus and attention on eliminating blockers to production. In this vein, we have made significant progress in terms of quality and stability, delivering the following: 

  • Lowered footprint - new option to set the install plan on automatically installed operators (details)
  • Stability enhancements - features ensuring that key supporting services (e.g. RabbitMQ) can shut down gracefully when stopped unexpectedly (details)
  • Expanded library of data source connectors - DataStage connectors for MongoDB, MariaDB, databases for MongoDB, & Amazon RDS for MySQL, new stage for reading/writing data to Excel files and additional enhancements (release notes)
  • Production readiness - high speed replication for Db2 and Db2 Warehouse (Db2 details and Db2 Warehouse details)
  • Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning, SPSS Modeler, RStudio, Decision Optimization, and Execution Engine for Apache Hadoop support for Power9 to enhance our data science and ModelOps (details - please reference each services' release notes regarding Power9 support)
  • Expanded platform support with OpenScale support for zLinux (details)
  • Bug fixes and additional stability improvements for all Cloud Pak for Data services (details)


As we head into 2022, Cloud Pak for Data would continue to focus on delivering value and a dependable resilient enterprise class platform for our customers. We would like to thank our business partners, early adopters & customers who have been part of this journey and helping us with their feedback to deliver a world class software 

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