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IBM Cloud Private for Data now supports MongoDB Enterprise Advanced

By Rahul Gupta posted Fri December 07, 2018 05:53 PM


Customers need to be empowered with the ability to manage and gain insights from many disparate data sources, or a hybrid multi-database environment. In June, we addressed this by announcing the inclusion of MongoDB in our enterprise database ecosystem to support modern day application models, which are often schema-less or having variable schema.

Continuing our mission to provide more database options to our new and existing customers, and to help them efficiently manage the modern-day data landscape, we've added support for MongoDB Enterprise Advanced on the IBM Cloud Private for Data platform.

Let’s first dive into the definition and value of IBM Cloud Private for Data, and then we’ll highlight what the integration with MongoDB means for our customers.

What is IBM Cloud Private for Data?

IBM Cloud Private for Data is a data analytics platform built on a cloud native architecture that helps customers integrate the entire data lifecycle (data management, data governance, and analytics) to speed time to value from their analytics use cases. It supports a collaborative project-based framework and has an open API architecture.


IBM Cloud Private for Data enables customers to:

  • Collect, connect and virtualize data access from different sources and platforms
  • Enforce governance polices and search data from an enterprise-wide data catalog
  • Understand and prepare data for analysts
  • Build descriptive, predictive and prescriptive models
  • Manage and deploy AI models


IBM Cloud Private for Data platform supports the Db2 family and ecosystem databases – providing virtualized data access, Db2 Warehouse delivering integrated analytics and understanding, Db2 AESE for transactional processing, and Db2 Event Store, which delivers highly performant event processing linked with real-time analytics. And now, the platform will support MongoDB Enterprise Advanced.


Why integrate MongoDB and what it means for the customers?

Demand to support new use cases (i.e. IoT, mobile applications, etc.), and build and deploy modern application models quickly and in a cost-effective manner has powered the growth of open source NoSQL databases. And when it comes to open source Document NoSQL databases, MongoDB rules the roost, in part due to its attractiveness to developers. Applications centered on unstructured data, JSON documents and a highly variable schema, derive huge benefits from MongoDB’s document-based structure. It’s document storage characteristics makes it ideal for application developers to change data models virtually on the fly.

Numerous data consumers and application developers will be interested in MongoDB on the IBM Cloud Private for Data platform. This integration contains advantages such as:

  • Provides strong data model flexibility
  • Improves performance and takes advantage of low cost hardware, as it’s easy to scale horizontally across servers
  • Provides repeatable performance characteristics for high read/write loads
  • Supports high availability using automatic and instant data recovery features
  • Strong in-application scaling and auto-sharding (partitioning)
  • Integrated tooling in support of development and operations


Technically, this delivery is enabled by an administration environment supporting rapid multi node MongoDB server deployments, an underlying Kubernetes and Docker infrastructure controlling repeatable container driven activities and processes, and management tooling including integration with MongoDB Ops Manager.


In order to manage the increasing volume, velocity and variety of today’s data, customers are embracing a hybrid multi-database environment, which integrates both relational and non-relational data sources. By adding MongoDB’s support to IBM Cloud Private for Data platform we are enabling our customers to successfully implement their hybrid data management strategy and thrive in this new data commerce era. 


In other words, this delivery is another step we take in affirming our commitment to our customers having choices in multi-cloud databases while still enabling them to leverage that choice in new, exciting, and powerful ways.   


Have questions? Ask our experts, or learn more 

For any questions or if you’re ready to get started, schedule a free one-on-one consultation with our experienced data professionals and distinguished engineers. If you would like to learn more about IBM Cloud Private for Data platform start here or check out the IBM Data Management Platform for MongoDB datasheet.