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Cloud Pak for Data Deployment Best Practices using Operator

By Parthasarthi Komperla posted Mon November 30, 2020 01:41 AM


Many companies are embracing cloud-concepts because they need reliable, scalable applications. Additionally, companies need to modernize their data workloads to use hardware effectively and efficiently. With a single, managed platform, Cloud Pak for Data makes it easier for your enterprise to adopt modern DevOps practices while simplifying your IT operations and reducing time to value.


Cloud Pak for Data runs on top of Red Hat OpenShift and it embraces the OpenShift Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM). OLM extends Kubernetes to provide a declarative way to install, manage, and upgrade Operators and their dependencies in a cluster.


This document describes a best practice on using the Cloud Pak for Data Operator Catalog and how to set up your Cloud Pak for Data platform in a single or a multi-tenant environment.