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What's new in Streams 5.3 on Cloud Pak for Data 3.0.1

By NATASHA D'SILVA posted Mon June 22, 2020 06:41 PM


IBM Streams v5.3  was released as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Data v3.0.1.  A major highlight of this release is integration with IBM Watson services. This makes it easy to add AI to real-time data analysis.  This blog post has a summary of the newest features.


If you are not familiar with Streams, watch this video:

New features in Streams v5.3

Score models from Watson Machine Learning in real-time:  Models stored in Watson Machine Learning can be used in Streams to score streaming data.  This means that you can take advantage of the model life cycle management features in  Watson Machine Learning.


Integration with IBM Watson Speech To Text:  Using the new speech to text gateway toolkit, a Streams application can convert audio to text in real time using the Watson Speech to Text service.  The results can be correlated with other data sources in real-time to make smarter decisions.  Audio data can come from files or streamed to a Streams application using a telephony infrastructure.


Streams flows:  You can now enhance a flow with Streams features that are not available in the IDE by downloading it as a Python notebook.  Thus, you can build the initial flow with the visual editor, and then download and edit it as a notebook in Cloud Pak for Data. 

This release also features a reduced footprint and translation into multiple languages.

Try Streams in IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Streams is included with IBM Cloud Pak for Data but must first be enabled.

Install Streams on IBM Cloud Pak for Data , then get started with Python or SPL(Streams Processing Language).

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