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IBM Cloud Pak for Data 4.0.9 - What's New!

By Malcolm Singh posted Thu May 26, 2022 10:19 PM

Refresh 9 of Version 4.0
Released: May 2022
The IBM Cloud Pak for Data monthly refresh for May 2022 is now generally available! May has been a busy month with IBMs premiere conference: THINK, and the IBM Cloud Pak for Data Team continuing to deliver security and quality fixes. As with the previous monthly refreshes Cloud Pak for Data 4.0 refresh 9 focuses on security vulnerabilities, along with quality and stability improvements.
Quality and Stability Improvements
  • More useful LDAP group management in Cloud Pak for Data to allow user groups to be added to service instances with no users logged in and better messaging to report status (what's new)
  • Tighter platform security for the Editor role to manage platform connections (what's new)
  • Spark 3.2 is now available to run your Spark applications in the Analytics Engine (what's new)
  • Various masking fixes in Data Privacy for masking flows (list)
  • Access data from more data sources in your DataStage Flows with support now for Generic S3 (object storage) and Teradata (data warehouse)  (DataStage Connectors)
  • Enhance your DataStage Flows with newly available DataStage stages and Quality stages: Complex Flat File (CFF), Hierarchical stage (REST step), Build stage, Match Frequency stage, & One-source Match stage
  • Better connection management in DataStage to test and add metadata for associated connections, and improved data exploration (what's new)
  • Import DataStage Flows into Cloud Pak for Data in a single file that includes all it's dependencies
  • Additional Watson Discovery APIs are supported in Cloud Pak for Data to list documents in a collect and get details for single document (what's new)
  • Bug fixes and additional improvements for all Cloud Pak for Data Services (what's new)
Open Data for Industries available on Cloud Pak for Data 4.0
  • IBM Open Data for Industries for IBM Cloud Pak for Data is an enterprise-grade open source-based platform that is backed by security and world-class service levels. IBM Open Data for Industries delivers the only end-to-end solution on the OSDU data foundation that supports infrastructure-agnostic, cloud-agnostic, and vendor-neutral technologies to reduce complexity in building an integrated energy data platform.
  • IBM Open Data for Industries is fully integrated with IBM Cloud Pak for Data, enabling the energy industry to drive trusted data and AI insights across their workflows. This integration means that the industry benefits from seamless automation, data mining and analysis, and the development of cloud applications and multi-cloud management directly within the IBM platform without reinventing their entire IT infrastructure.
  • For more information please review the Architecture for the component and software, and the Getting Starting Roadmap to successfully install, setup, and use this integrated service
As mentioned earlier May has been a busy month with the launch of IBMs premiere conference: THINK, that took place earlier this month in-person (for the first time in two years) and virtually. You can watch session replays on-demand, or check out Think on Tour as THINK visits a local city near you. Mean while the IBM team will continue reviewing security vulnerabilities and working on quality improvements as we move in the month of June. June will also be a busy month as the team ramps up the testing efforts for our next release of Cloud Pak for Data 4.5. So stay tuned as we get ready to launch 4.5.
Learn more in the What's New topic in the IBM Cloud Pak for Data documentation.