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Getting started using Cloud Pak for Data just got easier!

By Kyle Alvares posted Thu March 10, 2022 01:27 PM


New to Cloud Pak for Data? We've added a lot of helpful content to get you started with both set up as a new user and key tasks to get productive.

Simple tasks to get you set up

We've updated the Getting started branch of the Cloud Pak for Data 4.0 documentation with helpful steps and videos to get you going.

Getting started branch

When you first start using Cloud Pak for Data, you'll want to...

Ready to learn how to work with data?

When you're ready to try some key tasks, we've got easy explanations, videos, and even step-by-step tutorials with sample data if you want to jump right in. Choose from these areas:

Sample tutorial

To get started with Cloud Pak for Data visit our documentation.