eBook: Cloud Native Patterns

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eBook: Cloud Native Patterns 

Mon November 08, 2021 09:55 PM

Building cloud native applications is a challenging undertaking, especially considering the rapid evolution of cloud native computing. But it’s also very liberating and rewarding. You can develop new patterns and practices where the limitations of hardware dependent models, geography, and size no longer exist. This approach to technology can make cloud application developers more agile and efficient, even as it reduces deployment costs and increases independence from cloud service providers.

Cloud Native Patterns, is free ebook. and it’s a three-chapter excerpt of Cornelia Davis’ Cloud Native Patterns: Designing change-tolerant software. The ebook is intended to help you navigate key elements of the cloud native landscape, determine potential pitfalls in your environment, and to streamline your cloud adoption. In these three chapters, you’ll learn about important cloud native concepts such as data-driven applications and shorter user feedback cycles. You’ll also learn why repeatability and continuous delivery can help you succeed.


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