Cloud Podcast: Cloud Economics with Christian Miemiec

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Cloud Podcast: Cloud Economics with Christian Miemiec 

Fri March 04, 2022 10:55 AM

IBM Cloud Podcast - Cloud Economics

Deciding on whether to implement a public cloud can have a huge impact on your organization. Get the decision right and you can gain a real competitive advantage. Get it wrong, and it can prove a costly setback for years to come.

Christian Miemiec knows all about what’s at stake in a cloud decision. As Manager of the IBM IT Economics team, Christain helps companies identify and weigh all the factors they need to consider. Sometimes a cloud implementation makes sense. Sometimes it’s not the right option. Either way, Christian can help you make the right move for you and your organization.

Join Christian and host Dan Bettinger for an informative and wide-ranging conversation on the economics of the cloud.

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