Cloud Professional Developer: faster time to certify Webinar

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When:  Aug 17, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM (ET)


Watch ICCT’s upcoming TechXchange webinar about the curriculum changes in IBM Cloud Professional Developer and discover how to help build a better cloud. Learn about updates in the developer curriculum, reducing the study time to approximately 15 hours down from 55 hours, with about half as many courses as before. And the content isn’t just shorter; it has been restructured to be more aligned with IBM Cloud Developer perspective and workflow, based on feedback from learners and subject matter experts.
This episode discusses these changes and more:

  • Much shorter learning path: now 15 – 16 hours, down from 55!
  • Improved the learner experience
  • Restructured content

Find out how Professional Developer has been re-tuned to help you build the cloud services and large-scale applications for complex cloud environments businesses need to succeed.

Key Speakers

Natalie Brooks Powell - 
Strategy & GTM Leader, IBM Center for Cloud Training

Heather Williams - Curriculum Manager, IBM Center for Cloud Training

Andrew Tugman - 
Senior Cloud Platform Technical Specialist, IBM Technology, US Financial Services Market