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  • 1.  Bokeh & Flask

    Posted Wed May 06, 2020 07:44 PM

    Hi all,

    It is great to be here and a massive thanks to those who are keeping the community thriving. Just a bit about myself. I have been doing Python (mainly Pandas) for some time and am a big enthusiast of Bokeh. I was able to do some on my local machine () and what to start building this kind of apps in the cloud:

    Would there be tutorials for this, please?



    naveen ganpat

  • 2.  RE: Bokeh & Flask

    Posted Tue May 12, 2020 08:54 AM
    Hi Naveen,

    Thanks for the note.  I'm actually in the middle of an online course about python for data science and will look into Bokeh.  I'm unaware of tutorials but suggest you ask the question in the Data & AI section of the community:

    Dan Bettinger
    Cloud Native - Product Marketing