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Tutorial: From Provisioning to Runtime with IBM Cloud's Landing Zone Deployable Architecture

By Vincent Burckhardt posted Mon November 13, 2023 06:19 AM


Recently, my colleague Adam Geiger, and I had the privilege of conducting a hands-on lab at the IBM TechXchange in Las Vegas this September. Our focus was on the IBM Cloud Landing Zone, an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solution that enables swift provisioning of a compliant and secure cloud topology, aligned with industry standards. Learn more about the IBM Cloud Landing Zone here.

The lab emerged as the most attended in the Cloud track at the conference with business partners and clientsThere will be a replay at the EMEA TechXchange in Barcelona, coming January 2024. Check out the EMEA TechXchange details and the lab's specific information.

But why wait? The lab is designed to be self-paced, enabling you to explore it at your convenience. Access it here along with all the accompanying material in this GitHub repository: IBM/infra-to-app-with-landing-zone.

The lab begins with an easy-to-follow hands-on introduction to the IBM Cloud Landing Zone's deployable architecture. This forms a compliant and secure foundation for running applications on IBM Cloud. As a practical example, we demonstrate deploying an Apache server on this robust infrastructure.

In the second part, intended for IaC developers and practitioners, the lab delves deeper. We explore how to codify a custom IaC solution using the IBM Cloud Landing Zone deployable architecture. This includes fully automating the deployment of a tailored version of the landing zone, along with the application stack on top. The lab also shows how to share your resulting custom IaC solution with others in the IBM Cloud Catalog.

All you need is 90 minutes and access to a paid IBM Cloud account. Dive in today and discover the potential of IBM Cloud Landing Zone at