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IBM Intelligent Video Analytics on Cloud

By Anonymous User posted Wed December 09, 2020 11:16 AM


Video is the fastest-growing type of unstructured data. There are so many fields of work where video files are being continuously used. They are either recorded from fixed cameras or cameras in motion. At present, videos are also being used as an integral part of situational awareness as well as forensic investigations by security organizations and public safety agencies.

A wide range of law enforcement professionals and public safety officers make use of body-worn cameras. These cameras are capable enough to capture events from a legal perspective while recording partial or entire scenes. The great news is that IBM intelligent video analytics on the cloud extends support to various types of cameras. These advanced systems are capable enough to lead facial recognition, advanced search, and automated redaction as well. With new-age video analytics systems, it is easier to ingest videos from fixed as well as motion cameras.

Benefits of IBM Intelligent Video Analytics on Cloud:

The key capabilities of IBM Intelligent Video Analytics on Cloud include redaction that can help law enforcement and public safety agencies to share video clips instantly as per request. People's search may also help to find clips and images to aid lead generation. Furthermore, a facial recognition system can also identify people of interest. Here we have listed amazing benefits of Intelligent Video Analytics on the Cloud:

  • The intelligent and highly automated redaction provides both accuracy and speed. It is useful for agencies to meet privacy and compliance requirements.
  • This IBM-based system is capable enough to search video clips accurately and quickly. It can save the investigative time of law enforcement professionals. Furthermore, the rapid searching abilities for videos along with specific characteristics such as head covering, hair color, skin tone, glasses, or clothing may assist to create solid leads for security organizations and law enforcement professionals.
  • A facial recognition system can improve risk assessment and lead generation process. Matching faces on videos as well as in the watch lists can ease the person identification process with enhanced speed of investigation.

While using the redaction function, the organizations or agencies follow strict criteria to blur our sensitive images automatically. If such blurring tasks are to be executed manually, it can be labor-intensive work. However, the automated system can significantly reduce the time as well as the labor required to release the footage for multiple needs. Some of the most useful redaction functions included in the Intelligent Video Analytics on Cloud are:

  • Redact one or multiple faces in the video segments.
  • Optionally redact all of the detected faces.
  • Redact image pixels outside the selected region in the specific video segment.
  • Redact all pixels from the target video segment.
  • Manually select different objects in the video segments, it may include a computer screen or anything worth discoverable in the scene.
  • Redact video content with different masking techniques such as gradient map, blank mask, pixelation, and blurring.

The intelligent video analytics on the cloud provides advanced cognitive analytics with a higher degree of accuracy. The professionals find it convenient to ingest and accumulate intensive video content for multiple needs.