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Sell on IBM Cloud: Professional Services on IBM Cloud Marketplace

By Talha Khan posted Wed June 05, 2024 08:56 AM


Its hard managing the Cloud, and for Enterprises, its hard to even get there. 

Talha Khan, Product Manager, Gen AI & Digital Assets, IBM Cloud Catalog, IBM Cloud Ecosystem
Greg McNamee, Product Manager, GSI/Ecosystem | IBM Cloud
Luca Marchi, Director of Product Management, IBM Cloud Ecosystem

Today we’re introducing Professional Services on IBM Cloud Catalog to accelerate your journey through Hybrid Cloud. Professional Services on IBM Cloud Catalog allows IBM Cloud Clients to easily discover, evaluate, engage, and procure 3rd Party Professional Services through the IBM Cloud Catalog in order to support your digital transformation journeys, all within the familiar and trusted environment of IBM Cloud.   
No matter where you are in your journey, IBM Cloud Clients can now gain access to single invoicing from IBM, IBM account integration, an ecosystem where IBM and 3rd party technology meets the specialized knowledge and skills of leading service providers worldwide, and a streamlined procurement cycle for all your professional service’s needs, all while burning through your existing commitments on IBM Cloud. 

On the other hand, ISV’s, GSI’s, MSPs and Consulting firms can now onboard and sell their professional services on the IBM Cloud Catalog, streamlining their Enterprise Procurement cycles, incentivizing IBM sellers towards co-selling, acquiring access to earmarked commitment dollars from enterprises on IBM Cloud, and enabling their business to grow together with IBM Cloud. 
Through the IBM Cloud Catalog, Clients and partners will be able to buy and sell services from 3rd party vendors in the following Professional Services categories.

1. Migration/Implementation 

  • Services to deploy and configure a workload or workload components to the Customers IBM Cloud environment 


2. Managed Services 

  • Full management of a workload or solution in the Customer's IBM Cloud environment  

3.Proof of Concept 

  • Basic implementation of a solution or workload to demonstrate IBM Cloud’s capability to address a customer's needs/requirements 


4. Premium Support 

  • Access to tools and assistance that support the success and operational health of a workload on IBM Cloud 

5. Training 

  • Product knowledge transfer to demonstrate benefits and features to customers. 

6. Assessment 

  • Expert review and recommendation for workload deployment into a Customer’s IBM Cloud environment. 



Today we’re working with early adopters of this functionality like Wanclouds, who offers Multi-Cloud Migrations and Disaster Recovery as a Service onto IBM Cloud 
“IBM Cloud catalog has been a very good channel for us to collaborate and work with IBM customers and sales team on opportunities. We are committed to work closely with the IBM sales and marketplace teams to enhance the overall experience of current and potential IBM Cloud customers” 

  • Faiz Khan, Founder & CEO – Wanclouds Inc. 


As Enterprises continue on their multi & hybrid cloud journeys, having access to the right expertise and skills will be critical to driving innovation and excellence across industries. IBM Cloud is committed to being a one-stop-shop for all of our clients cloud computing needs by developing a collaborative ecosystem of ISV’s, MSP’s, GSI’s, and Professional services firms in order to foster innovation, drive industry advancements, and help businesses stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

How to get Started: 
In order to get started selling your Professional Services on IBM Cloud Catalog Head to 

Click on My Products, and click the create button to begin onboarding your expertise & professional services for sale on IBM Cloud