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TechXchange 2023: Mastering Clusters with Advanced Cluster Management

By Sarah Jalal posted Mon September 11, 2023 06:21 PM


Unlock the power of your hybrid cloud environment with Advanced Cluster Management built on Red Hat OpenShift. A hybrid cloud environment has become a necessity for many organizations as they seek to balance scalability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. Managing multiple Kubernetes clusters is no easy task and comes with challenges such as visibility, monitoring, consistency and application deployment.


During this hands on demo session, we delve into how you can oversee and orchestrate your Kubernetes clusters regardless of whether they're on-premise or in the cloud.

In the session we will go over:

  1. Creating, updating, scaling and removing clusters reliably
  2. Defining a business application using open standards and deploying the applications using placement policies that are integrated into existing CI/CD pipelines and governance
  3. Creating policies to automatically configure and maintain consistency of security controls required by industry or other corporate standards
  4. Enabling a direct networking connection between different on-premises or cloud-hosted Kubernetes clusters by grouping them in cluster sets and enabling Submariner add-on


Join me for a deeper dive:

Session: Mastering Clusters: A Deep Dive into ROKS Advanced Cluster Management

Location: IBM TechXchange 2023, Las Vegas | MGM Grand Hotel | Room 109, Level 1

Date: Tuesday, September 12th | 12 PM - 1 PM PDT