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Open Source in the Cloud Era

By Salomé Valero posted Mon February 22, 2021 06:25 PM


This weekend has happened to be very entertaining. It was a very intense and useful experience exploring good articles about the Virtual Developer Week. And I also found a great report from O’Really and IBM done by Andy Oram called The value of Open Source in the Cloud Era.

It says that there are two significants things in the past two decades: (1) the widespread use of free and open source software and (2) migration to cloud. 

Almost 3.500 proffesionals answered a survey in the end of last year. There were software depelopers, software engineers, software architects, DevOps engineers and engineering managers.

The main results are:

  • Nearly everyone uses open source software in some aspect of their operations
  • Open source is associated with more professional opportunities
  • Linux, Containers and databases are the most important technologies to know
  • Current trends are multicloud and hybrid cloud.

I highly recommend you read the complete report.

Open source software makes the cloud possible. Linux is crucial as a common platform uniting clouds in a hybrid cloud environment. And Open source and the cloud are intertwined in the development of innovations, for example software related to non relational databases and machine learning.

One key point of the report is that learning open source technologies is more important than learning proprietary cloud tools, in term of career growth.

And it gives more technology flexibility, performance and minimizes vendor lock-in.

Another point is the training in these skills. Perhaps there is just a time lag between the desire to obtain skills and the actual achievement. And that happens because there are a lot of courses about general knowledge but it’s not so easy to find the right course to fill your gap. O’Really and IBM are trying to fill our gap by offering training on the latest tools.

Open source skills play an important role in our carreers.

Please, don’t miss the opportunity to grow with open source in this Cloud era.

To download the article: